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Maintaining complicated legacy applications is a challenge, which is often made worse by lack of documentation, nonintuitive design, and coding practices. Unfortunately almost all software developers will find themselves with such an assignment at some point in their careers. In the case of any application that utilizes a database, it is very useful to trace SQL statements generated by the application. Such a trace would help with profiling performance bottlenecks, debugging errors, and in facilitating the developer's understanding of the business processes associated with the application. In the case of legacy applications we would want to do such tracing without changing any code or application configuration. I was able to use WebLogic's JMX API to quickly put together a little code to trace the JDBC calls of a very large and complicated legacy application without... (more)

Loving Your Work = Losing Out on Life?

Many companies, particularly consultancies believe that anyone who works an eight-hour day is a serious slacker. In my opinion, having people chronically work excessive hours is a sign of poor management. In this article I will share my thoughts on what we should and should not be doing to avoid letting demanding client work take over our lives. I started thinking of this issue while working for a previous employer. Lets call them IniTech (If you’re not a geek and aren’t familiar with Office Space, I apologize). At Initech, I learned how not to manage projects and people. Some ... (more)

Do You Translate Well from Geek to English?

My son took a bite of his hamburger and immediately exclaimed "it's too spicy!" I knew there was no spice in the burgers (okay there was some black pepper) as I had made them from scratch. I ate some myself and said, "See, not spicy". He took a long hard look at me and then he said "YOU don't think it's spicy, because YOU are not a kid!" Yes I am not a weirdly picky kid who loves seaweed but won't touch his hamburger. I am just the exasperated parent trying hard to figure out the most efficient strategy to getting from a defiant to a compliant five year old. I do realize that to ... (more)

Be Nice and Share - Ten Tips for the Shared Services Team

Sharing software and services across teams poses many challenges. At the minimum, each team will have its own agenda and release schedule and will be largely unaware of each other's day-to-day work. Sharing becomes even more difficult in cases when the teams are geographically separated from each other or when they work for different companies. In this article I will go over communication, automated builds, testing, documentation and other topics to facilitate the sharing of code and services. Background My younger son received a new football for Christmas. Soon enough I heard th... (more)

What’s Not So Obvious About Code Reviews

When conducting code reviews then you should determine if code reviews are just something you check off your list or have they actually gotten you closer to better quality code? Your motivations and attitudes towards code reviews can greatly affect their effectiveness. When my son started preschool at three years old he was expected to put his shoes on by himself. One of the first directions his teacher gave me was to say nothing if he put them on the wrong feet. I soon came to understand the wisdom of this approach. He wore his shoes on the wrong feet for a few days before figu... (more)